Deep Fork Audubon Society

Annual Plan

01 Aug 2014- 31 Jul 2015

  1. Prairie Restoration Plot near Shawnee Airport

    1. Start spring 2015

    2. Estimated cost $1499.00

    3. Educate people on the use of Pocket Prairie Gardens to decrease use of water and increase habitat for Urban Wildlife

  2. Pontatoc Ridge Annual Birdcount

    1. Help Nature Conservancy with their annual count

    2. Increase knowledge of less experienced members in birding

  3. Blogs in local newspaper

    1. Use existing blog in the Shawnee News-Star

    2. Talk about bird migrations, birding activities, concerns to educate local readers.

  4. More fieldtrips

    1. Membership wants more fieldtrips and less meetings

  5. Begin 501(c)3 application

    1. Need fundraiser to pay for the application fees.