Deep Fork Audubon Society meeting minutes    27 August 2011
Recorded by Donald Winslow

We met on Ruth Beasley's porch. Present were Donald Winslow, Karen Bays, Forest Winslow, Ruth Beasley, Steve Trammell, Becky Carlberg, and Deane Carlberg.

After reviewing the agenda, we elected officers. Donald Winslow was elected President and Secretary. Ruth Beasley was elected Vice President. Deane Carlberg was elected Treasurer. Donald Winslow remains Webmaster.

We have received baseline payments from the National Audubon Society in the amount of $200.75. We agreed to open an account with Arvest Bank where we will deposit the check.

We need to prepare our annual report, consisting of a financial report, a questionnaire, and a chapter leader report. Ruth Beasley and Donald Winslow will compile information for the reports.

Donald Winslow reported on the Audubon Council meeting that took place last month at St. Gregory's University.

We discussed email communications and the birdblog at Donald agreed to create accounts for several individuals on the blog.

We discussed possible field trips for the fall. Deane Carlberg will contact Jona Tucker to see if she'll lead a trip to Pontotoc Ridge in October or November. We may combine that with a trip to Chickasaw National Recreation Area and our next business meeting. Donald will contact the Tulsa Audubon Society about helping with the Christmas Bird Count for kids at Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge.

Donald described the bluebird nest box project at St. Gregory's Abbey. We briefly discussed the possibility that Deep Fork Audubon could help with avian conservation efforts at St. Gregory's, but tabled the issue until Br. Damian Whalen can be present for a meeting.

We decided that we would have a meeting at a convenient restaurant after or during our next field trip. We will wait to hear from Jona Tucker before deciding the date. We schedule meetings and field trips using our Google Group at Once you have set up your account at this site, you can email everyone in the Deep Fork Google Group at the site or by sending mail to

After the meeting, the group went on an excursion around the Beasleys' property. Deane Carlberg and Donald Winslow missed the walk to drive to Arvest Bank. At the bank we learned that we need to obtain an Employer Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service. Donald will obtain the number. Donald and Deane will meet early in the week at Arvest Bank to open the account.