Deep Fork Audubon minutes, 20 October 2012, St. Gregory's University
Recorded by Donald Winslow

Attending were Br. Damian Whalen, Steve Trammell, Rebecca Carlberg, Deane Carlberg, and Donald Winslow.

We filled out the questionnaire for the annual report to National Audubon Society, using the online form. In so doing, we developed these three goals for the current fiscal year: (1) Expand membership. (2) Complete the application to become a 501(c)3 entity. (3) Encourage individuals and organizations to develop certified non-game wildlife habitat, concentrating especially on providing for bird survival under drought conditions. The only part of the questionnaire that we did not finish was the metrics section. Ruth Beasley and Donald Winslow will finish that and submit the form. All active members should send to Ruth ( an estimate of their volunteer hours for the last fiscal year (1 August 2011 - 31 July 2012). Our deadline to submit the report is 30 November.

Brother Damian has looked through the application for 501(c)3 status and believes we will need professional help to complete it.

Becky has been looking into locations downtown where we could set up a display case.

Br. Damian clarified for us the language in our by-laws regarding regular membership meetings. These meetings need to be announced (on our website or otherwise) 15 days in advance. For special membership meetings, there is an additional requirement that only business described on the agenda be addressed.

Our next outing will be a trip to Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge on 1 December. We will meet at St. Gregory's University (west end of Benedictine Hall) at 8 am. We will have a board meeting around lunch time at a restaurant in Henryetta or thereabouts. One topic we will discuss is how to draw more of our membership to the outings and meetings, and how to expand membership.

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