Deep Fork Audubon board meeting agenda, 11 September 2012, 6 P.M.

Prepared by Donald Winslow

Our September meeting will be hosted by Deane and Becky Carlberg. For directions, email

Registration with IRS as 501(c)3

Preparing annual report for National Audubon Society (due 30 November)

        Financial report

Forming Budget Committee
       Treasurer Deane Carlberg is chair, and may select other members with suggestions from Board.
       We've been running without a budget this fiscal year; maybe that's OK.
       Financial report for NAS should be easy to prepare.
       Budget for next fiscal year is due in April.

       Lake Hefner in late October
       November is a good month to look for Sandhill Cranes
       Christmas Bird Counts start in December
       Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge CBC for Kids

Display case for library on feeding birds
       Reserving the case; setting dates
       Materials to display

       We should schedule a board meeting for October or November.
       Do we want to do a "regular" membership meeting (as described in bylaws) this year?